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XML Utilities

In an effort to help our Allora customers manage conversions between XMLSchemas and DTDS, as well to generate XML Schemas and DTDs from XML documents, we developed some XML Utilities that you can use free of charge.

Please click here to reach our registration page. Once you have registered, you will be able to access the free tools.

DTD to XML Schema

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Allora leverages leading edge XML mapping and database technology to give application developers bi-directional access to relational databases without the need for complex SQL or XSLT programming. Allora speeds development and deployment by accurately and transparently transforming data structures between XML elements/attributes and relational database structures. Once Allora mapping is in place, full bi-directional XML-RDB access is enabled. Allora gives developers a simplified, consistent XML interface to relational data and includes Web Services. Whether you export data from a database into XML, import data from XML to a database, insert XML into a database, transform XML into a database or convert XML into a database, we hope Allora, and HiT Software XML Utilities have been of help to you in your job.

These XML Utilities are property of HiT Software. They include modules developed by Paul Tchistopolskii and use the SAXON DTDGenerator developed by Michael Kay.

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