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Heterogeneous Database Environments
Data Movement
Analytical Environments
Data Governance

With considerable experience in data management and a fully-committed customer service team, HiT Software® offers enterprise-wide, real-time Data Integration, Data Replicaiton, Change Data Capture and Data Transformation solutions for heterogeneous database environments, operational data movement, analytical environments including data warehousing and business intelligence and data integration support for information governance and data governance.

HiT Software's DBMoto™ Data Integration, Data Replication and Change Data Capture product is the only database-neutral solution available today that supports a long list of relational database systems for real-time data movement, data migration and bi-directional data synchronization across two or more databases.

  • Fast to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Transaction log-reading for major relational databases
  • Change Data Capture to reduce time and stress on your operational systems

HiT Software's extensive line of Connectivity Products for IBM®DB2® databases is comprised of high-performance middleware that provides the highest level of data integrity and performance for your important business applications requiring DB2 data.

Allora™, HiT's data transformation solution, helps you map your inbound or outbound XML data to relational database format automatically and reliably. Allora™ is designed to support a large number of XML file formats and database systems.

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IBM Advanced Business Partner W3C Member

"Before using DBMoto, we had no means to easily transfer and replicate data between our dissimilar computer platforms. DBMoto allows us to easily and cost-effectively replicate data between these platforms. DBMoto was the first and is still the only data replication product in use at EFCO."
--Larry Romireo,
Application Systems Analyst,
EFCO Corporation

"MCL needed a solution that runs in the background with no intervention. DBMoto certainly does that. On a day-to-day basis we just let it run and we know it is going to keep on working. In general, we are very happy with the solution."
--Jonathan Sweet, Project Manager,
MCL Group UK

"HiT Software's Technical Support has always been excellent. We use it as a comparison to other vendors' support services, e.g., 'I wish the support was as good as we get from DBMoto's Customer Support!'"
--Larry Romireo,
Application Systems Analyst,
EFCO Corporation

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