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Heterogeneous Database Environments
Data Movement
Analytical Environments
Data Governance

With considerable experience in data management and a fully-committed customer service team, HiT Software® offers enterprise-wide, real-time Data Integration, Change Data Capture and Data Transformation solutions for heterogeneous database environments, operational data movement, analytical environments including data warehousing and business intelligence and data integration support for master data management (MDM) and data governance.

Data Integration for
Master Data Management and Data Governance

As businesses move towards advanced solutions to standardize data models and architectures, they need data integration and data replication to support multi modal data platforms, disparate database formats, Change Data Capture, message queues, and XML transformations, while eliminating data bottlenecks and performance overhead on costly operational database software systems.

HiT Software®'s products provide advanced functionality to support the data movement and update capabilities required for information governance and data governance programs. Heterogeneous data integration from HiT Software eliminates the need to build an entire data architecture on one database system, and provides flexibility and freedom to apply information governance and data governance processes to any data, from any database or application suite.

BackOffice Associates, LLC believes master data management is the process by which business users can gain global visibility and access to their master data stored in multiple and disparate legacy applications. With this global visibility and access, businesses can monitor, measure and produce metrics and global data standards, leading to a high level of quality and consistency in their global data. At last global data standards can be applied to data that is hosted by multiple applications!

Information Governance and Data Governance
Many companies struggle to maintain their data with sufficient accuracy and completeness to make their ERP systems work properly. As companies add new materials, customers and vendors, critical master data elements may not be updated or they may be updated incorrectly. This incorrect or missing data results in business process interruptions – the inability to create production entries, the inability to ship products, the inability to invoice customers. Such interruptions are expensive, time-consuming and negatively impact your ability to achieve full return on your ERP investment. In some cases data processing errors can place a company at risk for failure to meet regulatory compliance standards.

To prevent these problems, many of the largest companies in the world have turned to BackOffice Associates® data governance solutions and methodology for the ongoing creation and maintenance of their master data. BackOffice Associates delivers flexible, easy to use, web-enabled solutions addressing the most complex data quality issues. BackOffice offers a range of pre-configured, web enabled, configurable applications specifically designed to manage ERP data. These applications ensure ERP data is Business-Ready Data Every Day™.

About BackOffice Associates
Whether you are thinking of changing your ERP system, you are already on your way or you have been live on an ERP system for years, BackOffice Associates® can help your company get better results by helping you understand what Business-Ready Data™ quality is and how you can have this level of data quality every day for your ERP solutions. Our data migration and information governance solutions ensure Business-Ready Data for some of the largest and smallest companies in the world running SAP®, Oracle® and other ERP systems.
In 1996, BackOffice Associates decided to do something no one had done before. We decided to create a new way of delivering data for ERP implementations and to redefine the meaning of data quality for fully integrated ERP systems. Our technology was developed directly from our experience with ERP projects where we worked to solve the most complex and daunting challenges on ERP projects: delivering "Business-Ready Data for a Boring Go Live® data migration," for the uneventful implementation of SAP.
The process had to be easy-to-use, business-focused, powerful, comprehensive and repeatable across multiple ERP implementations. The BackOffice Associates solutions and methodology were born, not from mergers and acquisitions of other software companies, but from true life experience directly in the line of delivery for the most complex ERP implementations in the world. Solutions that we knew worked in the most difficult ERP implementation projects and provided the highest level of data quality.
BackOffice Associates is a global corporation headquartered in Massachusetts with additional offices in the US, Europe, Asia, India, Australia and Mexico. For more information, please email


IBM Advanced Business Partner W3C Member

"Before using DBMoto, we had no means to easily transfer and replicate data between our dissimilar computer platforms. DBMoto allows us to easily and cost-effectively replicate data between these platforms. DBMoto was the first and is still the only data replication product in use at EFCO."
--Larry Romireo,
Application Systems Analyst,
EFCO Corporation

"MCL needed a solution that runs in the background with no intervention. DBMoto certainly does that. On a day-to-day basis we just let it run and we know it is going to keep on working. In general, we are very happy with the solution."
--Jonathan Sweet, Project Manager,
MCL Group UK

""HiT Software's Technical Support has always been excellent. We use it as a comparison to other vendors' support services, e.g., 'I wish the support was as good as we get from DBMoto's Customer Support!'"
--Larry Romireo,
Application Systems Analyst,
EFCO Corporation

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