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xml database mapping and transformationxml database mapping and transformation

graphical database xml mapping and transformation  

Graphical Database
XML Mapping and Transformation

Full Support
during Trial Period

graphical database xml mapping and transformation

Real-time, bi-directional XML-to-relational data transformation software

Allora is designed to generate XML from any database and write XML element and attribute values into any database. Businesses today store and share data in a multitude of file formats including database, flat files, EDI and XML-based applications. Allora provides a graphical, easy-to-use, modular approach to managing conversion, mapping and data transformations among these file formats.

Product Components

  • Graphical Mapper for mapping and converting between XML (or text) and relational data
  • Workflow Manager to organize, schedule and execute transformation tasks
  • Wizard support for popular application servers and IDE tools
  • Wizards and a rich set of application programming interfaces to integrate XML-relational data conversions into any application
  • Mapper project samples and transformation applications to help you get started
  • SOAP interfaces for building distributed applications
  • Separate run-time engine that can be installed on any system that supports JDK v1.3 including IBM i and z/OS, HP-UX and others, for a "building block" approach to creating/managing transformations

Use Allora to transform XML and relational data for any database that has a JDBC or ODBC connector. It is certified to work with more than 20 different databases including IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, Ingres, Sybase, IDMS, Datacom, Teradata, PostgreSQL and others.

Allora Mapper

The design-time graphical Mapper application lets you simultaneously see XML schemas or DTDs and database catalog structures or text file structures. The Mapper can automatically create XML schemas from relational databases and vice versa. Using a set of point-and-click tools, you can build a mapping project that contains all the information needed to transform relational data to XML, or XML to relational data. The mapping project can be accessed by the Workflow Manager, or by the API to integrate transformations into a larger application.

Allora Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager provides a graphical layout environment to set up, schedule and execute a series of tasks and processes. It is designed to manage RDB-XML transformation tasks and process resulting XML input/output. Its Design tab provides a workspace for adding tasks, setting parameters and organizing tasks in execution order.

Application and Data Interfaces

Allora offers a rich, flexible set of programming interfaces, enabling you to integrate RDB-XML transformations as part of an application. Source code wizards in the Mapper generate the basic code you need to perform transformations, then you can enhance or extend the functionality using the provided API. For example, you can refer to data by XML element/attribute references, including XPATH, or by RDB catalog structures. Similarly, you can exercise XML element/ sub-element methods or specify record/field SQL commands.

For maximum data access flexibility, Allora can also be implemented as a full-function SOAP-based web service for remote applications. Allora web service supports two client access modes: a SOAP interface mode and a higher level remote API mode.

Allora currently supports ACORD, AgXML, Bioml, CellML, CIDX, CXML, FpML, HL7, IFX, JusticeXML, LegalXML, MpXML, MISMO, OFX, PIDX, RosettaNet, UCCnet, VoiceXML, XBRL.

Database XML Mapping and Transformation with Allora

Database XML Mapping
Full Support
during Trial Period


Key Features   Benefits
Graphical Allora Mapper for linking DTD's or
XML schemas to RDB catalogs/text structure
  Speeds application development and
Run-time Allora Engine/API
  Enables application XML transformation
Real-time, bi-directional transformation
between XML data and relational databases
  Imports and exports XML data with your
relational database
XML schema creation from database
  Quickly builds XML structure for export and
data sharing
Database schema creation from XML
  Quickly builds database structure for import
and data sharing
Workflow Manager tool to design, schedule
and execute transformation tasks
  Simplifies building of simple applications to manage XML input/output and schedule transformations

SOAP-based web service for remote and
distributed applications

  Centralizes enterprise database access
via XML

XML element and XPATH references to
RDB structures

  Provides access to enterprise relational data
through XML data reference
Nested XML Support   Processes efficient, complex XML documents
Automatic query of database table
  Avoids redundant metadata declaration
Run-time referential integrity enforcement
  Maintains database order, simplifies data
access across multiple tables
Works with any relational database 
  Supports open architecture for additional
Expression editor for custom transformations   Speeds transformation definition
Message queue support   Supports asynchronous application integration
Source code wizards   Jump start your code writing and integration
Sample code   Quickly answers developer questions
Updategram support
  Supports standard format for database
OVLT API   Optimal import/export for very large data sets
Double-byte (Chinese, Japanese and Hangul)
character support
Arabic character support
  Localized data
100% Java architecture   Runs on heterogeneous hardware platforms

Allora supports the following XML schemas:
· Bioml
· CellML
· FpML
· HL7
· JusticeXML
· LegalXML
· RosettaNet
· UCCnet
· VoiceXML

Allora Specifications
Design-Time Tools
· Graphical mapper application
· Wizards for integration with IBM WebSphere Studio, Eclipse, Embarcadero JBuilder, Oracle
  JDeveloper, Sun™ Java Studio and SunForte
· Wizards for generating Java source code
· Object interfaces
· Workflow Manager tool
· Sample source code and Mapper projects
Application Programming Interfaces
· Mapping
· Databinding
Databases Supported *
· IBM DB2 (IBM i/AS400, z/OS, Linux, AIX, Windows)
· Oracle
· Microsoft SQL Server
· Sybase
· Informix
· Ingres
· Teradata
· and more
  * See: Supported Databases for a complete list

System Requirements
· JDBC or ODBC SQL middleware
· JDK v1.3 or later
· JAXP v1.1 or later
· GNU regexp v1.0.8 or later
· Xerces v1.3.0 or later
For web service use
· Tomcat v3.2.2 or later
· SOAP v2.2 or later
· JavaMai1 v1.1.3 or later
· JavaBeans v1.0.1 or later

Database XML Mapping
Full Support
during Trial Period


Allora XML Relational Database Mapper

Integration Modules
· IBM WebSphere Studio
· Eclipse
· Embarcadero JBuilder
· Oracle JDeveloper
· Sun Java Studio


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