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xml database mapping : xml database transformation : Alloraxml database transformation and mapping

graphical database xml mapping and transformation  

Graphical Database
XML Mapping and Transformation

Full Support
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graphical database xml mapping and transformation

Allora leverages leading edge XML mapping and database technology to give application developers bi-directional access to relational databases without the need for complex SQL or XSLT programming. Allora speeds development and deployment by accurately and transparently transforming data structures between XML elements/attributes and relational database structures. Once Allora mapping is in place, full bi-directional XML-RDB access is enabled. Allora gives developers a simplified, consistent XML interface to relational data.

Allora includes (1) design-time tools for mapping XML to relational data; (2) wizard support for popular application servers and IDE tools; (3) a rich set of application programming interfaces to the Allora run-time engine; (4) a Workflow Manager tool to organize and execute a set of transformation tasks with associated XML file manipulation; and (5) a set of SOAP interfaces to the Allora web service engine for building distributed applications. Allora runs on any platform, including Windows and Linux. With a single high value product, Allora lets you link your applications, take advantage of XML, and increase your business profitability.
Allora currently supports ACORD, AgXML, Bioml, CellML, CIDX, CXML, FpML, HL7, IFX, JusticeXML, LegalXML, MpXML, MISMO, OFX, PIDX, RosettaNet, UCCnet, VoiceXML, and XBRL.

Allora : XML Database Server Software

Database XML Mapping
Full Support
during Trial Period


Key Features   Benefits
Graphical Allora Mapper for linking DTD's
or XML schemas to RDB catalogs/text
  Speeds application development and
Run-time Allora Engine for XML element
references to RDB structures
  Embeddable in other applications to
incorporate XML transformation support
Real-time, bi-directional transformation
between XML data and relational databases
  XML enabled applications dealing with
relational databases to maximize integration

SOAP-based web service for remote and
distributed applications

  Single point resource for enterprise database
access via XML
Automatic query of database table
  Saves time of having to redundantly declare
meta data relationships
Run-time referential integrity enforcement
  Maintains database order, simplifies data
access across multiple tables
Expression editor for custom transformations
  Graphical tool speeds transformation
Message queue support
  Support for asynchronous application
Source code wizards   Jump starts your code writing and integration
Standard middleware support (JDBC, ODBC)   Supports all major databases
100% Java architecture   Runs on heterogeneous hardware platforms


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