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database connectivity : ssl security, encryption and authentication server to secure SQL data flows over tcp-ip networksssl encyption and authentication for sql server network traffic

standards-based encryption and authentication server for SQL data flows over TCP/IP networks
HiT SSL Server:
Data Security and SSL Data Encryption Solution for HiT ODBC, OLEDB
and JDBC Connectivity Products

HiT SSL Server is exclusively available to customers who are using HiT Software's ODBC, OLEDB and JDBC products and need to secure SQL data over a TCP/IP network.

HiT SSL Server provides encryption and authentication for SQL network traffic. HiT SSL Server is an all-Java, standards-based encryption and authentication server to secure SQL data flows over TCP/IP networks. It prevents unauthorized access to data by transparently enabling the Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) protocol between HiT ODBC, HiT OLEDB and HiT JDBC, and the systems where HiT SSL Server is installed. For example, to secure SQL data traffic between a web application server and a DB2 server, HiT SSL Server can be run at the DB2 server. The HiT JDBC/DB2, which includes necessary SSL client support, would be used on the web application server. Once configured, authentication and encryption services are enabled thereafter between the two machines.

The Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) has emerged as the Internet standard for authentication/encryption and also uses the X.509 certification standard. HiT SSL Server uses the Digital Signature Standard (DSS), with the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) for data encryption. levelsHiT SSL Server supports and uses Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Using a multi-threaded internal design, HiT SSL Server scales extremely well for high data traffic loads. Support for SSL version v3.0 ensures a mature, robust security mechanism.

Also included is the HiT SSL Toolbox, a set of easy-to-use graphical tools for certificate generation and encryption and decryption keys. Java command-line tools are also available. HiT SSL Toolbox can either be run on the SSL Server machine or from a separate system.

HiT SSL Server runs on any operating system running JVM 1.4 or later.

HiT SSL Server : 
            SSL v3 Encryption and Security

Key Features   Benefits
Java architecture   Runs on heterogeneous hardware platforms
Industry SSL v3/TLS v1 support
  Latest generation encryption and
authentication standard
Transparent to SQL middleware access   No modification required to application code
Data encryption using the Digital Signature
Standard (DSS), with the Digital Signature
Algorithm (DSA) and RSA algorithm
  Standards-based, secure architecture
NIST FIPS 140-2 validated crypto and SSL
  Approved US Government standards
Security for enterprise JDBC, OLE DB, and
ODBC DB2 access
  Supports secure, enterprise-wide application
Graphical tools for certificate generation and
  Faster administration processing
Optional integration with certificates obtained
from an external certificate authority
  Flexible support for third-party security

System Requirements:

  • Any Java 2 or later platform, including that running on Windows NT, Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM OS/390, IBM® i/AS400, and IBM RS/6000
  • An installed version of a HiT ODBC, OLEDB, or JDBC product

For additional information, refer to the HiT SSL Server Guide included in the zip file of the doc directory in the HiT SSL Server download.

download : includes full support during trial

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