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Database Connectivity Overview

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HiT ODBC/400 Std. EditionODBC for i


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as/400 iseries odbc driver for sql server : db2 connectivity

ODBC driver for IBM i, iSeries and AS/400  

ODBC Database Connectivity for IBM DB2 for i

The HiT ODBC family of Windows SQL middleware for access to IBM DB2 databases support full SQL functionality for maximum application performance including stored procedures, multiple result sets, static SQL/packages, multi-threading support. ODBC level 3.x conformance offers developers catalog functionality, access to environmental attributes, extended data types, SQL batch support, error reporting, and ANSI SQL-92 alignment.   HiT OLEDB Family
  ODBC for i
  ODBC for DB2 LUW

For both third-party commercial applications and custom applications, the HiT ODBC family of products provides high-performance, secure, reliable access to DB2 data. Enterprises looking for an ODBC solution to access DB2 data should consider HiT ODBC products for the following reasons:

  • Effective use of native IBM protocols for performance and reliability
  • Non-invasive approach with no software to install on DB2 servers
  • Secure data transmission when used with HiT SafeConduct for data encryption and digital certificate authentication
  • Tools for diagnosing problems and monitoring server activity
  • Developer editions with source code examples

Overview of HiT ODBC for IBM i, iSeries, AS/400

The HiT ODBC family of products for IBM i (called HiT ODBC/400 and HiT ODBC Server/400) can be used with all major application development tools that support the Windows ODBC standard. Additionally, hundreds of third-party software products can use HiT ODBC/400 products for business intelligence, decision support, query/reporting, data replication, and data mining. Support is included for single- and double-byte as well as Middle Eastern character sets. As ninth generation middleware, HiT ODBC/400 products are extremely reliable and have evolved a robust feature set.

HiT ODBC/400 products are used by custom or third party product applications to access data residing on IBM DB2 for IBM i, iSeries, or AS/400 systems. HiT ODBC/400 products support the Windows Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard to access, retrieve, and update DB2 data. All communication with the IBM i platform can also be optionally encrypted and authenticated via SSL with HiT SSL Server.

Leveraging the IBM Optimized Database Server (ODBS) protocol standard, HiT ODBC/400 products use native IBM OS server programs and do not require any additional software to run on the IBM i platform.

HiT ODBC/400 products support the following database standards: ODBC core and level 3 conformance, ANSI SQL-92, X/Open and ISO CLI catalog function column name standards, ADO and ADO.NET. For networks, HiT ODBC Server/400 supports TCP/IP and APPC connectivity transports to IBM i servers.

Family of Products   When to Select
HiT ODBC/400 (Client version)   Application is running on Windows desktop system*
HiT ODBC/400 (Client version)
Developer Edition
  Application is running on Windows desktop system, and you need Developer Tools
HiT ODBC Server/400   Application is running on Windows server system**
HiT ODBC Server/400
Developer Edition
  Application is running on Windows server system, and you need
Developer Tools

*  HiT ODBC/400 (Client version) runs on all Windows client x86 and x64 platforms, including the latest.

** HiT ODBC Server/400 runs on all Windows Server x86 and x64 platforms, including the latest.

Key Features   Benefits
ODBC level 3.x conformance
ADO level 2.x compliance
.NET framework compliance
  Latest tools accessibility

Stored procedures and multiple result sets
Static SQL/package support
  Fast data access
Distributed Transaction Support
  Complex transactions support over multiple
Multi-threading support   Performance and scalability
dbXpress   Performance
SSL v3.x encryption and authentication
  Secure data transmission
Multiple OS version support   Flexible deployment
Debug/trace tools   Fast diagnostics
Silent install support
  Fewer IT support issues during deployment
TCP/IP connectivity support   Common network transport
Double-byte and Middle Eastern
language support
  International DB2 server access
IBM ODBS Native protocol support
  Server Stability
Distributed program call support CL
Command Execution
  Business logic and utility access
Complete set of data types supported and
  Seamless translation between EBCDIC and
ANSI character sets
C# toolkit included with Developer Editions
HiT Server Manager included with Server
Developer Edition
  Development time reduced


HiT ODBC for i: 
            Client and Server Edition

Improve performance with ODBC Level 3.x
HiT ODBC/400 products support full SQL functionality (via ODBC level 3.x conformance) for maximum performance of client applications. Functionalities include stored procedures, multiple result sets, static SQL/packages, multi-threading and dbExpress. ODBC level 3.x conformance offers developers powerful data access techniques, catalog functionality, access to environmental attributes, extended data types, SQL batch support, error reporting, and ANSI SQL-92 alignment.

HiT ODBC/products are particularly useful for developers working with custom applications. Silent installation support allows the middleware to be installed by calling custom setup applications. HiT Toolbox, included with both the Standard and Developer Editions, is a sophisticated ODBC diagnostic tool for network administrators who need to resolve network issues. HiT ODBC/400 products contain tracing and debugging tools that help developers with examination and modification of SQL passed to the IBM DB2 for i server.

HiT ODBC/400 products include extensive on-line documentation covering ODBC data source configurations, ODBC functions, SQL grammar, using stored procedures, static SQL/package use, tracing, debugging, and diagnostics.

HiT ODBC/400 products can be used with HiT SSL Server, an all-Java, standards-based encryption and authentication server to secure SQL data flows over TCP/IP networks. It prevents unauthorized access to data by transparently enabling the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol between HiT ODBC for IBM i and the system where HiT SSL Server is installed.

HiT ODBC/400 products also support IBM DB2 for IBM i password expiration security. A read-only version driver is included for query-only client applications.

download : includes full support during trial

Developer Edition
In addition to the features supported by HiT ODBC/400 and HiT ODBC Server/400 Standard Edition, the Developer Edition includes a special C# toolkit, with a sample project and forms demonstrating working source code.

Using ADO.NET, C# toolkit samples show you how to query and update IBM DB2 for i tables, control related i OS subsystems, and retrieve DB2 data for redirection to web applications. The source code demonstrates connections using ADO.NET recordsets, executing stored procedures, retrieving table data, inserting table data, and displaying results. All samples work with any OS/400 or IBM i operating systems V3R7 or higher.

Server Version
HiT Software provides both a client version and a server version of the HiT ODBC/400 product family, distinguished by whether the middleware is installed on a client system or a server system.


HiT ODBC Server/400 can be used in two configurations:

  • Server ODBC Applications
    A Windows NT server application or service locally uses the ODBC service to access IBM i data and redirect it where necessary. For example, using the Microsoft IIS web server and Active Server Pages, downstream web browser clients can access IBM i data.
  • For Client ODBC Applications
    A thin client presents the ODBC API to a Windows client application and transports the ODBC commands to the ODBC service. Only server-defined data sources are available to client ODBC applications. For example, a custom Visual Basic application uses the thin client ODBC API to access IBM i data via the ODBC service.

In the Client version (HiT ODBC/400), HiT Software provides all the above features (based on Standard or Developer Editions).

In the Server version (HiT ODBC Server/400), HiT Software provides some additional management features (based on Standard or Developer Editions):

The HiT Server Manager allows a remote developer or administrator to see ODBC connections by IBM i server, calling application and user ID, start time of connections, status of connection, traffic volume over connection, and memory utilization. IBM i server connections can be pooled and reused to optimize performance. The HiT Server Manager can define the time-out and dropping of these pooled connections. Developer and administrators can now monitor the IBM i middleware access layer to ensure maximum Windows server application performance.
Supported Data Types

System Requirements:
    HiT ODBC/400
(installed on client operating systems)
  HiT ODBC Server/400
(installed on server operating systems)

  Windows 32 and 64-bit client platforms
Microsoft Data Access Components
  (MDAC) v2.5 or higher
  Windows 32 and 64-bit server platforms
12Mb Disk Space
Network card operable with network
TCP/IP or APPC connection to the
  IBM i
  Support for TCP/IP network protocol
DB2 Server Requirements   OS/400 or IBM i operating system V3R7 or higher

download : includes full support during trial

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