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data replication, sychronization and integration for DB2, Oracle and SQL Serverdata replication, data migration, data transformation, and database synchronication for DB2, Oracle and SQL Server

DBMoto 8 extends database support to include additional Big Data storage solutions and adds capabilities to improve multi-user/multi-site replication management for distributed, global enterprises.

DBMoto 8 Features

DBMoto Data Replication and Change Data Capture : Main PanelSupport for HP Vertica's next-generation analytic platform
• Adds support for HP Vertica as a target to long list of supported databases, big data systems and datastores.
• Provides real-time data replication and Change Data Capture to enable high-speed data updates to high-speed analytics.

New Multi-User/Multi-Site Metadata Management feature

  • Enables multiple DBMoto clients (Management Center instances or custom applications using the DBMoto API, for example) to monitor, manage and change replication metadata.
  • Supports distributed metadata management and workforce collaboration on replication projects.

Enhancements to DBMoto Verifier™

  • DBMoto Verifier can now be used to reconcile data differences between source and target tables following replication.
  • Verifier supports WHERE conditions and ORDER BY clauses to optimize data retrieval times.

DBMoto 8: DBMoto Verifier Enhancements

Increased API support

  • New functions added to the DBMoto open API to enable browsing catalogs, schemas and tables.

Increased Data Replication Management and Support

  • Adds support for IBM DB2 LUW version 10.1 and above, running on Linux, UNIX and Microsoft Windows.
  • Enhanced performance for transactional replications using Microsoft SQL Server transaction log.
  • Adds new conflict resolution option in data synchronization, "LastComeWins," among two or more databases.
  • Support for .NET Framework – DBMoto 8 runs in the .NET Framework 4.0 environment and takes advantage of the Microsoft Chart Controls in the Replication Activity Viewer.

Enhanced Security

  • Supplemented DBMoto security options with X.509 certificate support to secure data between the DBMoto client and DBMoto Server Agent, ie. when running the server agent and Management Center in intranet and internet environments.

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