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White Papers : Data Integration Business ValueBusiness Value of Data Integration Tools

Add Structure to Unstructured Core Data
A 10 minute step-by-step white paper
by Micro Focus and HiT Software, Inc.

Integrating data between core and new Web and packaged applications is only as complicated as the architecture group wants to make it. The majority of problems come when IT groups make rash decisions and start implementing large unneeded and internally unproven solutions. Solutions like bus-based messaging and pump and dumps to BPM systems tend to have very little impact on the business user that actually needs the data.

It is best to implement a fast, practical solution that A) makes sense of the unstructured core data, and B) places the data in a format that is usable for many individuals and business units.

Practical applications of the Micro Focus OnWeb/Allora combination would be relevant in any industry but especially relevant in retail, insurance, and health care industries where user and historical data is spread across many core assets.

For retail applications, the Micro Focus OnWeb/Allora combination is perfect. Traditionally, retail operations contain new, point of sale (POS) systems for the immediate processing of transactions and then batch operations take over nightly to send that information to the core systems. Additionally, the analysts within the retail group have to wait for classic “ pump and dump” operations to packages like Cognos to analyze and cube the sales and inventory information. The Micro Focus OnWeb/Allora combination can handle both sides of this scenario. While the POS processing batch scenario will most likely remain untouched, the POS system can access relevant SKU information from a local database that is derived from the unstructured information on the core system thus eliminating the need for the reverse “ pump and dump” to the POS system.

Even more important to the retail organization, analysts would no longer have to wait for the dump to analyze the data within Cognos. Micro Focus OnWeb and Allora can act as the bridge between the Cognos system and the core information thus taking the data analyzed from a 24-48 hour delay to a realtime scenario. Given that Cognos has RDBMS drivers built in, this is a no problem scenario for Cognos.

Within the healthcare and insurance industry, patient records, and claim processing have the same typical “ pump and dump” scenarios that mislead consumers, provide old information to doctors, and are a nuisance to billing providers. All of this, in a very practical and easy to expand way, can be overcome by the Micro Focus OnWeb/Allora combination.

With Micro Focus OnWeb and Allora, it is now possible to easily add structure and extensibility to unstructured, locked core data.

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